• TLS Weight Management Solution is a customizable, science-based program designed to fit you and your unique lifestyle. Life isn’t rigid or predictable, and your weight management solution shouldn’t be either. TLS Weight Management Solution encompasses low-glycemic impact eating, behavior modification, supplementation and body composition, offering extensive plans that cover everything you'll need to get fit and trim. This comprehensive approach will assist you with achieving your weight management goals and leading a new, healthy lifestyle.

  • Low-Glycemic Index eating focuses on how different foods affect your blood sugar level. The Glycemic Index measures foods on a 100-point scale. Low-GI foods produce little or no fluctuations in our blood sugar or insulin levels. This is important because when your blood sugar rises quickly, your body increases insulin production, forcing the body into fat accumulation and storage. Controlling the GI of your foods promotes normal blood-sugar levels and enables the body to stay in a fat-burning mode.

  • We recommend signing up to tlsSlim.com and taking our FREE Weight Management Profile to determine the best plan to suit your lifestyle and weight management goals. The plan recommended for you will supply you with the information you need for your unique weight management journey.

  • No, TLS is not recommended for children. TLS is recommended for adults over 18 years. Always speak to a health care provider before beginning this or any other weight management program.

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